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fat lost = 8.4kg
12 weeks
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senior IT manager
fat lost = 17kg
12 weeks
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fat lost = 12.5kg
12 weeks
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fat lost = 8.4kg
12 weeks
Health and Fitness
Health and Fitness
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You should love every part of your life, including your body.

When your health and mind thrive, so will you.

I understand that failure saps your energy.

As a fitness pro and former athlete, I don’t doubt you’re motivated to get in shape. You’re not the problem, it’s that these rigid fitness plans are designed for individuals with simple lifestyles, not people with busy schedules.

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I built Always Fit on a strong foundation. As the founder of Always Fit and a pro athlete in multiple competitive sports, I have 20+ years of professional experience in the fitness and wellness industry.

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Professional Stunt Performer / Double – Xena Warrior Princess, Lord Of The Rings, Narnia – Lion Witch & The Wardrobe, King Kong.

Ready to reset your life…for LIFE?

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"It’s been so great working with Amanda. She’s helped me lose nearly 15% of my body weight this year. And it’s not just about the weight loss – I feel really healthy and alert, and it’s 100% because of the lifestyle change from working with Amanda. I rarely felt hungry or like I was missing out, and when I did, Amanda was quick to make adjustments to my meal plan to ensure I was getting what I needed. If I felt hungry, Amanda gave me more food; over Easter, I got to have chocolate and hot cross buns while still losing weight; and I still enjoy the occasional glass of wine. When I’ve had a craving for seafood, curry or whatever, Amanda has been amazing at finding or adapting recipes to suit my meal plans. She’s also gotten a good idea of exactly the kinds of foods I like so I always know what she gives me is going to be delicious! I’ve gained so many new food ideas from Amanda, and my friends have even started copying my lunches at work because they're so good! I’ve also learnt how to freestyle a bit more in the kitchen so I can put together healthier meals, and Amanda’s shown me how to balance treats with my usual routine. I can’t recommend Amanda enough – she will help you get the results you want, without feeling like you’re missing out on anything. For me it’s not just about weight loss either. I can see how beneficial it would be to work with Amanda through any major lifestyle changes or different phases of your life when you have different goals. Amanda has a really, nice, balanced, and personalized approach to nutrition, and that’s why it works! "

Lifestyle clientFemale, 4"11, age 32

"The year was 2014 I had been Retired from professional sports for some time and I had been asked to come out of boxing retirement to fight a familiar name. Carlos Spencer the former Auckland Blues and All Blacks legend renowned more for his capabilities on the field than in the ring. Still an undefeated fighter with a huge following partly because of the physique he bared on a tv ad promoting toffee pops. Being shirtless in a ring with a man of that reputation was slightly daunting not to mention the weight loss and fitness needed to once again be at my fighting best. I knew I was out of sorts but I didn’t realise just how much until I met Amanda in person. She measured me up or pinched me more precisely. It was amazing how quickly I had let myself go and knowing where I needed to be within 3 months. I was worried! Was Amanda, possibly? Only because she wasn’t certain if I would adhere to her number crunching and rules to boot. Thankfully for us both - with limited time I took a liking and trust to Amanda immediately with a confidence she knew what she was talking about. Not only did she completely transform me aesthetically but she did it quickly and with me never once feeling fatigued or not up to my sometimes three training's a day. I’ve always been a driven person but with her coaching and motivation strategies, you would give all her clients a very good chance of succeeding in their goals. Thanks to Amanda I won that fight with energy levels I hadn’t experienced and equally important. I didn’t look out of place next to Mr. Toffee Pops Carlos Spencer. "

Monty Betham TV sports presenter

"As a bigger and older male I have always known I should do something about my weight and health generally but it took the advice of the cardiologist as to my increased risk of heart disease to get me to do something. Amanda has been essential to my making the changes I needed to make. Her nutritional knowledge and information is massive. Her straightforward and direct manner in imparting that information and telling me what I need to do if I want the results I say I want is something I particularly like."

Lifestyle & weight loss Client (Lawyer)

"Having been referred to Amanda by my trainer, I was impressed by her relentless drive to ensure I was eating the right things at the right time. Her meal plans, although tough, were flexible enough to fit into my busy meeting and event schedule. Amanda has helped me understand the impact of good nutrition and hydration on my health and has changed my eating habits for the long term."

Lifestyle client (weightloss) CEO

"Amanda Foubister has been pivotal in preparing and maintaining my body - and mind for a gruelling schedule and physical lifestyle. As my personal trainer, friend and nutritionist. Amanda is now my stunt and horse-riding double on the set of Spartacus. Her presence on-set and help in preparing for fight scenes, along with her general dedication and concern, has been a huge support"

Performance based client LA Based Actress

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