14 reasons why – drinking water helps with weight loss

  1. Research shows that most people do not drink enough water and may confuse thirst with hunger.
  2. If you are hungry, drink a glass of cold, clear water and wait 15 minutes. Water can curb hunger pangs, and it is necessary for all your vital body processes: metabolism, digestion, absorption, and elimination.
  3. Water retention is often blamed for hitting a plateau.
  4. It is entirely possible to store water in your body that will account for up to 3 kilograms of your mass.
  5. While it may seem counter-intuitive, the best way to battle water retention is to drink a lot more water. Not consuming enough causes your body to hang onto the water it’s got for grim life.
  6. When you lose weight very rapidly, up to three-quarters of the missing mass may be water so your plateau could be your body replenishing it regular water supplies, and trying to retain the fluid in case of further water-loss.
  7. Water suppresses the appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat.
  8. This problem is less likely to happen if you lose weight slowly and keep your water intake high – which gives you a more accurate and gradual picture of your success.
  9. Proper water intake is key to weight loss. If people who are trying to lose weight do not drink enough water, the body cannot metabolize the fat adequately.
  10. Retaining fluid also keeps weight up – by as much as 3 kilograms.
  11. High fluid intake has other weight loss benefits as well.
  12. Your kidneys need water to function correctly. Without sufficient water for the organs, the kidneys cannot work adequately, and so this affects some of the water going to the liver.
  13. One of the primary functions of the liver is to metabolize fat into energy for the body. If the liver needs to do some of the work for the kidneys, the liver cannot work as it should metabolize fat, and so more fat is stored in the body increasing weight and not using the fat as energy.
  14. Water also helps to maintain muscle stimulation, because dehydrated muscles cannot contract efficiently. Moreover, the water assists cells to flush out toxins.