Always Fit App Amanda Foubister

Amanda has been an internationally published sports model and is a celebrity nutritionist & lifestyle coach with over 20 years of experience in the health & fitness industry.


She is a qualified Exercise Physiologist, Strength And Conditioning Coach, Sports Masseur and registered Nutritionist. 


These qualifications and her practical experience have allowed her to gain deep understanding not only of the Biochemical and Metabolic mechanisms of the body but also the Biomechanics, Mental and Physical Factors too.

She is passionate about helping her clients to reach their health and well-being goals by creating personalised

nutrition plans that are unique to each client’s biochemistry, dietary requirements and lifestyle.


Amanda has represented New Zealand in trampolining and IFBB Ms Fitness winning two Australasian titles. She has competed at a national level in surf lifesaving and diving, combined with competing at the New Zealand area trials for equestrian.


She is known for her strong work ethnic and has been described as the secret weapon behind many top influences,
online fitness and lifestyle coaches.


Being successful is hard work.

Now stack responsibilities such as raising a family, working, or both? 


Over time, your responsibilities take precedence over your health goals, 

and you don’t know how to fix it.


Maybe money isn’t the issue, but time and motivation are. 

Maybe you are disciplined in your career, but not at the grocery store.

 You just can’t give up the things that do make you happy and relaxed––

like grabbing drinks with friends after work, eating at fancy restaurants, 

or having lazy Netflix Sundays with chips for lunch. 


Even if you manage to ignore it for a moment, there comes a time when it’s time to act. 

I know that you don’t have the time to write workout plans, 

make special meals, and spend hours at the gym.  . 


I get it. When you’re a go-getter, failure stinks.
You avoid it at all costs.

Introducing Always Fit, a BS-free approach to health and fitness tailored to busy people with full lives. From nutrition and exercise to mindset tools, my coaching approach is all about YOU as a unique individual….with no cookie-cutter nonsense!

The best part?


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