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Always Fit Life

Amanda Foubister Nutritionist, No BS Holistic Weight Loss Coach

FREE GIFT: The ‘secrets’ to living a healthy, fit, and active life as a professional without going to the gym or chasing any fad diets

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Being successful is hard work.

Now stack responsibilities such as raising a family, working, or both? Over time, your responsibilities take precedence over your health goals, and you don’t know how to fix it.


Maybe money isn’t the issue, but time and motivation are. Maybe you are disciplined in your career, but not at the grocery store. You just can’t give up the things that do make you happy and relaxed––like grabbing drinks with friends after work, eating at fancy restaurants, or having lazy Netflix Sundays with chips for lunch.


Even if you manage to ignore it for a moment, there comes a time when it’s time to act. I know that you don’t have the time to write workout plans, make special meals, and spend hours at the gym.

The question isn't whether or not you WANT to change.

It's what KIND of changes should you make?


*I understand I’ll get a 7 day Free Trial

I get it. When you're a go-getter, failure stinks. You avoid it at all costs.

Introducing Always Fit, a BS-free approach to health and fitness tailored to busy people with full lives. From nutrition and exercise to mindset tools, my coaching approach is all about YOU as a unique individual….with no cookie-cutter nonsense! 


You deserve to balance work, life and fitness effectively.  Join the thousands of successful clients, including celebrities, pro athletes, and tired parents with regular jobs, who found their wellness freedom.


With my customized approach, you will jumpstart your weight loss and lifestyle journey and keep the results you have earned.

The Six Pillars of My Coaching Approach

I work around a set of core pillars to address the main aspects that drive sustainable change.

  • MINDSET – You will learn how to adapt a pragmatic mindset to change what you can right now


  • BODY & HORMONES – A foundational aspect of your individualized treatment plan is determining the state of your hormones, body and chemistry.


  • BEHAVIORS & LIFESTYLE – We will work together to break down your current lifestyle and habits, so you can enhance your life in every aspect.


  • GOAL ACHIEVING – I carefully assess your personal goals, whether it’s to lose 20 lbs. or to stay in shape while balancing your social life and current demands. 


  • EXERCISE PREFERENCES – To ensure lasting motivation, we’ll custom-design a fun and versatile workout program that meets your fitness needs and interests.


  • SURROUNDING PHYSIOLOGY – By examining the above factors in conjunction with the surrounding physiology, we will be able to formulate a foolproof success plan!

You deserve more than just a program, you deserve success.

If you’re on board with that…I’m ready to start right now!

Do you want to cut the BS and lose weight for good?

Here’s how it works:


1) Sign up for Always Fit and first receive a sample diet to familiarize yourself with the app and access to the course.. 


2) Book your initial consultation where we analyze your goals, biochemistry, lifestyle, fitness, and diet for a personalized program and review your personal history.


 3) Commit to your lifestyle plan and make gradual changes that motivate you to build a strong foundation for lasting success.

Don’t fret what stands in your way.

Just do what you can now.




12-Week Journey

To Long-Term Weight Loss 

As part of this program you will receive:


12 weeks of knowledge, tools, and implementation 

Practical Course

covering topics from mindset, mind-body connection and much more..


Weekly Emails

To help guide you through your journey


Downloadable resources

Worksheets and checklists to help you identify imbalances and help you uncover any old beliefs or behaviours that may be holding you back..


 Personalised meal plan

Personalised meal-plan updated fortnightly with recipes and shopping list


Personalised strength program 

Personalised strength program updated monthly 


Weekly Accountability

Online weekly check-ins to keep you on task and moving forward


Q & A with Amanda

Weekly group sessions on zoom 



Via Facebook Group


One on One Consultations

2x one on one consultations per 12 week block


*all consultants are to be used within 14 weeks of sign-up*



Need help or have questions? Book a Call or email: support@alwaysfit.app

Don’t just be on the go.


Feel confident and fit to face the world.


You don’t have to sacrifice your other priorities in order to feel fit, healthy, and attractive. It is possible to achieve both life and fitness goals simultaneously. You can attain both your dream body and future while being a great parent, friend, employee, and spouse. 

It’s time to stop sacrificing one for the other.


Don’t settle for less when you can have it all! 


Eat what you love, do what you love, and develop habits you love



Train when you can, eat smarter, and spend more time being present 


Feel vibrant, energetic and fit to take on the world



Lose weight and get off the yo-yo diet wagon once and for all 



Wear what you want with genuine pride and confidence

Choose YOU.