Your 2019 new year’s fitness resolutions

The New Year has dawned upon us, so it is time to get your 2019 fitness resolutions in order. Remember, successful resolutions do not just happen. They take planning and commitment to become a reality.

The most difficult new year’s fitness resolutions

Studies have shown that the most difficult New Year resolutions to keep involve changing unhealthy behaviors to healthy endeavors. Sadly, only 50 percent of people who start an exercise program will stick with the workout regime past the initial first three to six months. Obviously, healthy modifications take a great deal of discipline to carry out.

Plan to achieve your fitness goals

If you decide to make a dramatic health change to your life such as changing your eating habits, working out more, or quitting smoking, then you are going to have to re-arrange your life in some way that might not always prove convenient. You will have to implement a plan with a realistic goal to become successful.

Your fitness goals should be?

  • Specific: Write your goals down in a positive manner or affirmation on a piece of paper. A goal such as losing 5kg between January and April is doable and specific.
  • Measurable: Breaking your weight loss down into precise amounts per week lets you monitor things and stay on track.
  • Achievable: Make sure your goals are achievable and within your grasp, so you do not disappoint yourself.
  • Be Challenging: Yes, you need to be realistic, but you also need to challenge yourself a little bit, so you can revel in the sense of accomplishment when you achieve your hard-won goal.

Maintain optimism and discipline

To maintain your discipline and commitment towards achieving your goals, you should make a list of the many associated benefits that you will reap by carrying out your New Year’s resolution.

Place your inspirational list in a place where you can frequently look at it. You will be amazed at how much it will inspire you to avoid reverting to your old habits.

Stay focused

  • Do you want to lose weight to feel better physically?
  •  Do you want to improve your health?
  •  Do you want to feel better about yourself?
  • Do you want to look better?
  • Do you wish to boost your confidence?

Maintain a daily diary

You have not kept a diary since you were a teen, but a daily diary that tracks your achievements and constantly reminds you of your goals is a wonderful way to stay on track.

It is about consistence and not perfection

Many people become discouraged if they slip up and had a moment of weakness. Do not beat yourself up if you raid the pantry or skip a day of exercise. You have not failed. You have simply had a small slip-up and it is not too late to get back on track.

Seek help to achieve your goals

Nobody can do everything alone, even if you are committed. Sometimes it is nice to have knowledgeable people to fall back on. You should consider using a personal trainer, nutritionist, physician, or health advisor on your weight and exercise journey. Having another person monitor your progress while providing you with feedback is imperative to your success. A partner can keep you on the right path.

Turn to family and friends

Your daily relationships impact your well-being, health, and weight. They have an impact on your behavior both negatively and positively. Unfortunately, you must determine which relationships are detrimental to your goals. If you have a mother or significant other who constantly puts foods in front of you and tells you to eat, then there is a problem. You must deal with the situation by making your loved ones understand why you have set extremely strict goals and why they are important to you. Sometimes you simply must be firm but kind with such individuals.

Reward yourself

If you are meeting your goals and your resolution is within sight, then it is okay to give yourself a pat on the back and reward your challenging work. Treat yourself to a massage or purchase a new outfit to congratulate yourself on work well-done.

It is imperative that you set realistic resolutions around your weight loss.

Consider these factors so you know if you will be able to manage your life to achieve your goals.

  • Time available to exercise
  • Overall health
  • Work activities
  • Budget
  • Meal and food commitments

Road to weight loss success

Now it is time to consider the actions that you are willing to take to lose weight.

Think about these things:

  1. Eating two pieces of fruit per day
  2. Drinking eight glasses of water every day
  3. Going for a walk or workout before work
  4. Stop eating after 8 pm
  5. Give up chocolate or other carbs

Stay committed to attain your new year’s fitness resolution!

The crucial factor to attaining your New Year’s resolution is to be committed, bounce back when you slip up, and do not use it as an excuse to go off track.

Here is a terrific way to define your weight loss success

  • Committing to a new habit for a week
  • Pick an exercise program
  • Reducing measurements and servings
  • Eat healthy 80 percent of the time
  • Be honest about what works for you.

With true commitment, you can make your 2019 New Year’s fitness resolutions a reality.